Making the Perfect Choice


Step One: –                         Get assessed

Are you eligible for services? – Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or go to

My Aged Care is the entry point to access aged care services and information about:

  •         The different types of aged care services available
  •         Your eligibility for services
  •         Referrals to service providers that can meet your needs (if you don’t have a Service Provider in mind)
  •         Your contributions to the cost of your aged care


Your package may include a range of co-ordinated services, such as:

  •      Personal care – like help getting dressed or assistance with showering and getting ready for the day
  •      Social support services
  •      Clinical care – nursing, physiotherapy and other services
  •      Household jobs  – cleaning, gardening, modifications to your home (rails & ramps etc)
  •      Transport and equipment (walking frames etc)

Services are tailored to meet your assessed needs.


Step Two: –                         Research the potential providers

  •      Look at Providers’ websites, ask family or friends who they know, use or have heard of.
  •      If they have heard of an agency, ask whether they are happy with the services, cost and reliability.
  •      Do they give continuous service with the same staff each visit and are they an agency that you can trust?
  •      What are the costs involved – how much of your package will be actually used on providing services directly to you and how much is eaten up by administrative costs. Are you going to get value for money?

And remember – The CHEAPEST is not always the best.


Step Three: –          Choose who you want to provide your approved package or service

  •      Once assessed and approved – you will need to choose from a list of service providers that are eligible to hold the funding. In this instance your next choice will be whether you want services provided by the funds holder or whether you choose an agency like A.P. Care Services – (a private agency providing quality, reliable, person-centred and culturally diverse services with staff that are dedicated, respectful and provide exceptional care)
  •      If A.P. Care Services is your choice then you need to discuss your choice with the funds holder and request A.P. Care Services to deliver your support.

If you are not eligible for a government subsidised package and you would like support, your choice then becomes who do you want to provide services and how much are you prepared to pay to receive services that best meet your needs

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