579A0398_ group 2015 (3)The A.P. Care Services staff are carefully selected to ensure we have the very best care professionals available.

The sensitive and personal nature of our services requires a person with high integrity, who is trustworthy, caring and respectful of our clients and their families.

We understand how important it is to assemble the right team. In many cases, a client will only have contact with one or two A.P. Care Services staff, so all personnel must be able to perform their role to the highest standard.

We have strict and thorough systems in place to vet new staff members, ensuring they have the appropriate criminal history and working with children checks, skills and qualifications, and not to mention a caring nature.

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A.P. Care Services is still headed by the person who founded the company back in 1973, Shirley Meredith. Members of our team include:


Shirley Meredith – Advisor


Shirley has over 50years experience in owning and running a human service business with a growing complement of staff. Having worked for Eastern Suburbs Babysitting services in the 1960’s, Shirley took over the company, expanded its catchment area and changed its name to All Sydney Babysitting Services in 1973. With a passion for people, her vision and energy saw the company start providing services to ageing people and people with disabilities in 1991, causing the set-up of a new company – All Parental Care.

In 1995, based on its growing home-based complex care and nursing service portfolio, Shirley steered the company to win a nursing based contract with the Pharmacy Guild of NSW whereby nurses were provided to run baby and specific health issue clinics in pharmacies throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. This prompted the establishment of the third company in the umbrella group which is known as APC Medical Services.

In 1997, All Parental Care Australia Pty Ltd was established to incorporate all 3 companies – All Parental Care, All Sydney Babysitting Services and APC Medical Services.

Shirley has led by example. Her fairness, honesty, compassion and outstanding people skills combined with her business acumen have leant A.P. Care Services its winning edge and enabled it to survive and grow through the 1980’s ‘recession we had to have’ and prosper by leveraging the effects of evolving social norms such as the entry of women into the workforce in increasing numbers.

Shirley is now enjoying retirement, however uses her skill & knowledge of the Business and Industry to advise and steer the Executive Management Team into the future.

Interesting facts about Shirley: She once cooked for Royalty, she has travelled the world, lived an extraordinary life, is generous to a fault and having moved to Australia in the 60’s from England is PROUD to call herself an AUSSIE.

Danielle McNally – Executive Manager: Finance and Administration


Danielle has been an intrinsic part of our company having been with A.P. Care Services since leaving school and commencing a traineeship in clerical duties in 1991.
Danielle has now accomplished a feat rare in the business world today, having been with A.P. Care Services for over 29 years and is now an integral member of the Executive Management Team.

Danielle has experienced working in every aspect of the companys operations and has seen the business grow substantially.

Now the CFO, Danielle is managing all aspects of invoicing, payroll and budgeting forward on a 5yr cycle – monitoring the company’s financial health on a monthly and quarterly basis, Danielle has the capacity to shrewdly calibrate all areas of expenditure in the light of actual and expected work and cash flows.

Danielle constantly updates her technical skills through the use of IT specialists and on-site training; one of her most recent (and far reaching) achievements was the collaborative development of the proprietary software

Interesting facts about Danielle: Loyal to a fault, fun loving & loves a good belly laugh, enjoys watching and cheering her 2 children on in whatever activities they participate in.

Lyn Meredith – Executive Manager: Operations


Lyn joined A.P. Care Services team in 1996 after having served in the NSW Police Service for over 15 years.

This was at a time when women in Policing was not as commonplace as it is today and during this time Lyn served in many different areas and assumed variety of roles, where she learnt valuable life skills including crisis management and reporting strategies which are vital in the business world.

This along with Lyn’s attention to detail, organisational skills and no nonsense attitude make her the ideal person for the role of Operations Manager and also part of the Executive Management Team.

Lyn ensures all scheduling is running smoothly, new referrals are processed, contracted services follow designated protocols and ensures that Coordinators work within allocated budgets.

Interesting facts about Lyn: Loves people watching over a good coffee, to be at the beach walking her dogs and watching the sunrise, has been known to have a sweet tooth

Jennifer Whitelaw – Executive Manager: Human Resources & Business Development


Jenny began working with A.P. Care Services in 1996 and is a member of the Executive Management Team. With a background in running statewide, high volume training programs across NSW with Jenny Craig, Jenny manages all staff recruitment, selection, induction and ongoing training functions. Certainly, one of Jenny’s key strengths is her ability to spot great capabilities in staff.

In her 24 years with A.P. Care Services she has had experience in every aspect of the company. Jenny gradually moved (given her training and development background) into managing the company’s Human Resources functions with a broad portfolio including the Work Health and Safety (WH&S) and Return to Work (RTW) Programs. Jenny runs consultations with staff and clients, undertakes research in current legislation and operational good practice and uses all this to write and update operational policy and procedures.

Jenny has been the driving force in progressively aligning A.P. Care’s practices with the standards under the NDIS Quality & Safeguards – Practice Standards, The Aged Care Quality Standards and other Industry based standards and programs. She is incredibly well networked and has pioneered ongoing partnerships with many non-government organisations, government bodies and corporate entities. Given her networking skills and ability to empathise with people in combination with her quick mind, she has most recently been tasked with the development of new business for the A.P. Care Services group of companies.

Interesting facts about Jenny: loves to socialise with family and friends, enjoys travel – especially to the US, enjoys the odd chocolate coated raisin

Barbara Souter – Senior Service Coordinator


Barbara has been employed by A.P. Care Services since 2004 – at commencement Barbara came to us with exceptional organisation and communication skills gained over the years through working in the rag trade and being part owner in a family business.

Barbara completed a three month training program before taking on an independent role in part of the team of coordinators. With the retirement of the Senior Service Coordinator in 2007, Barbara was successful in gaining the open position. Barbara now has 16 years experience in providing services to the frail aged and people with disabilities.

Barbara is responsible for overseeing the team of Coordinators, rostering – which involves marrying the right Carer, with the appropriate experience, to the client, to provide the best possible service. Organising client specific training & liaising with Providers and Carers to provide a quality, reliable and efficient service.

Interesting facts about Barb: Wicked sense of humour – very quick witted, loves teasing her 5 grandchildren, is always the person that makes you laugh, very good at impersonations

When you call A.P. Care Services, your first line of communication will be with one of these friendly team members.

The Coordinators are ‘people people’ who will discuss your requirements with you, and understand you may be experiencing some stress. They will listen to you and assess your situation. Once an assessment has been carried out, the Coordinator will engage the most suitable Carer for you, taking into account your needs, special skills required and if necessary your cultural background.

Our highly trained Staff can deliver in-home care and one-on-one services to helping you live a better life.


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