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apcare staff member receiving training and development

We consider training and development to be an ongoing process

Although our team of care professionals in the Sydney, Wollongong and Illawarra region are all fully trained, we consider there is always room for improvement and growth.

Like many other industries, the field of aged care, home care and child care is ever evolving with new research and theories consistently appearing. This makes Training and Development on a regular basis inevitable to keep the care standards up as high as possible.

Our Training and Development Program continually hones the skills of our staff by enabling them to learn from industry leaders on best practice for the care of our aged clients, children and those clients with disabilities or injuries.

The A.P. Care Service Training and Development Program consists of:

  • Induction training covering our Values and Philosophy of Client Care, Code of Conduct,
    WH & S Standards, Risk Assessment and others specific to the work for which the staff member is engaged.
  • Client specific training required for work with a particular client who has specific needs.
  • Certificates in Disability Work, Aged Care Work or Child Care (Levels III & IV) for qualifying staff to undergo traineeships to acquire these certificates.

Rigorous business systems add to your peace of mind

Not only do we expect a high standard of professionalism and development from our staff, but also from our business model. We have a steadfast commitment to client privacy, complying with the Commonwealth Privacy Act’s provisions, not just because we have to, but because it is the right thing to do.

Your information is kept in a secure storage facility and is not sold or licensed to third parties for any purpose. It is your guarantee that anyone we send into your home will carry out their duties in the strictest confidence.

We also have a comprehensive set of Work Health and Safety (WH & S) policies and procedures in place. Our extensive WH & S Systems are prevention focussed and include comprehensive training, a WH & S Committee which meets regularly, along with safety representatives and regular workplace audits.

A.P. Care Services ensures that all staff supply a criminal history check every three years, working with children checks every 5 years, and all vehicles used for work are subject to a quarterly self assessment by staff.

Client feedback is welcomed as a matter of course, both informally, and as part of our annual quality improvement processes.

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