Affordable Private Home Care for Self-Funded Retirees It’s a worry for all of us as we approach retirement age, what will happen if there’s no-one to look after us, or what if we need more care than we feel comfortable asking our friends and family to give us. The Australian Government is there to help us (at the moment) but it is worrying that we don’t know what will happen in the future and what with the aging population and therefore higher demand, what will become of care for the elderly. We look forward to a retirement of travel, lunches out with friends and a relaxing life, but forget that often as we get older even some everyday tasks can become more difficult and time consuming. And heaven forbid, should something more serious happen, like a serious illness or accident, we may need a little more help.

Why Self-Funded Home Care?

Although there is government assistance for home care services for the elderly (subject to availability and meeting recommended criteria), going for self-funded care is always preferred. You’ve saved up your money and planned for retirement, you deserve the best service possible when it comes to keeping you happy, healthy and with peace of mind. Private home care providers can completely craft your own individual plan. Private home care providers such as A.P. Care Services can offer pretty much anything that you might need such as:

  • General household duties
  • Help with laundry and ironing
  • Meal planning and cooking
  • Non-regular tasks such as window cleaning
  • Transport to and from medical appointments
  • Implementing new medical regimes
  • Social Support – A friendly person to chat to
  • Shopping
  • Providing relief for existing carers
  • Organising and attending both medical and social appointments
  • Devising a holistic care regime

Whilst the government assisted programs offer similar services, you can rest assured that by using a private service, you will get the best that you possibly can. The small price is worth the huge difference, and after a lifetime of work, you deserve a little luxury in your life. Companies such as A.P. Care Services pride themselves on having highly trained and professional staff who know what is appropriate and can use discretion when needed.

How do I Pick an Affordable Self-Funded Home Care Provider? It can be a concern to many people, especially the elderly that the company which you choose is legit and legal. It has become a lot easier to do research with the internet these days, but there are other ways that you can check that the company to whom you could be giving huge responsibility is to be trusted.

  • Word of Mouth – possibly the best recommendation that you can get is from someone who is already using or has used the company in the past, so ask around.
  • Speak to them – Give the company a call, ask them any questions that you may have and see if you like their response
  • Don’t forget to check what services are offered – you need to know what services that you are after and get a price according to this.

As we all head towards retirement age, the quality of our lives becomes increasingly important and this is why it is worth spending a little money on private home care providers. Find the right one and it will make your life or the life of your loved one so comfortable that you won’t know what you did without them. Let us help you live a better life.

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