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We all deserve to live a better life, including those who can no longer take care of themselves due to frailty, illness or disability. If you or someone close to you is in need of some form of aged care, it’s worth knowing how the aged care system works.

  1. Eligibility is not determined based on age. The definition of older varies between individuals, communities and cultures. Some people needs earlier aged care services than others. Eligibility to aged care has to be established through an assessment process.
  2. Care worker or carer is a person who provides regular and ongoing care and assistance to a dependent person. The most suitable care worker for you is someone who has the skills to support your individual care needs – whether simple or complex.
  3. In Home Care includes domestic and care services to support those who prefer to live independently in their own home instead of moving into a long-term care facility. This is the best option for those who need minor assistance with their daily activities and enjoy a close network of family and friends. read more

Types of Government Assisted Services available to help you stay at home as you Age.

On this page we aim to give you an overview on what types of government assisted home care services are available to you as well as links to further information for each type of service.

There are a number of different types of assistance available to

  • Help you stay at home
  • Ease the load of those assisting you.

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Government Support

Sep.08, 2014, under Blog Page

Getting Government Support for your Home Care Need

Info on Government SupportFinancial Assistance – how can i get it?
Home Care services are designed to help anyone who needs support at home, doing activities they normally engage in, but are now unable to do themselves due to frailty, disability or illness. The popular notion that a home care service is only for the privileged few is wrong. If you have limited financial means to fund the cost of a home care service, you can seek help from the Government.

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