In Home Care and Support for New Mums

In Home Care and Support for New Mums with A. P. Care’s Better Life Essentials Package.

Ap-Care---Mum-and-BabyGiving birth to your children is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. At A.P. Care we understand that although rewarding, it can also be a challenge when trying to juggle everyday life.

Without assistance at home, it’s hard. Your new bundle of joy requires your full attention leaving you with little time or energy to manage the day to day tasks like domestics and even the simple things like going to the shop needs planning.

Asking for help or accepting help can be difficult. Understanding your needs, along with the solutions that will make this time easier, helps you quickly get back on track after a pregnancy.

Easing the burden of everyday life.

Caring for a newborn baby requires a great deal of time, attention, and energy. Apart from the responsibilities you have at home, making time for your partner, friends and other family members isn’t easy.

After giving birth you require time to adjust to a new routine. Your daily schedule will change and there’s less time to fully rest and recover from the daily demands.

No need to stress, A. P. Care’s team of in home support staff are here to help!

A. P. Care’s In Home Support Staff Help New Mothers

Along with caring for your baby and running daily errands, new Mum’s must also attend to the household chores like cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation.

We’re all about helping new Mums live a better life.

Ap-Care-help-Mums-live-a-better-life.A.P. Care in home support staff help with daily responsibilities including meal preparation, shopping, and looking after bub or other children while you take a much needed rest. They are available to work within a variety of scheduling demands. Mum can relax and rest easy knowing the little one is in good hands.

A. P. Care’s Better Life Essentials Packages are designed to help new Mum’s by offering quality, reliable, flexible services that enable you to spend time getting to know your new little one.  Home care services can be customised to your needs and preferences. If there are scheduling difficulties, our in home support staff can adjust to ensure that you have the help you need when you need it.

A. P. Care in home support staff are experienced in providing the highest quality care for you and your child. All of our dedicated support staff are fully insured and have undergone a stringent interview and induction process, including relevant background checks to ensure that you have the best assistance at home.  You’ll receive care and support that is professional, compassionate, and supportive.

New mothers have realized the benefits that are provided by in home support staff. The right level of assistance can provide peace of mind, much needed rest and an extra pair of hands to help you care for your baby while achieving the balance you need for your own life.

A.P. Care’s Better Life Essentials Packages can includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Looking after your baby
  • Assisting with Meals
  • Running errands
  • Washing & Ironing

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