Accessing Services


A.P. Care Services policy of service access and exit ensures each individual that meets the criteria has access to services based on resources and relative needs. Access to service is free from discrimination including but not limited to:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Sexual preference
  • Political and religious beliefs
  • Disability

Before commencement of service potential Clients will be given information regarding services and will undergo an assessment of needs. The information on the service will:

  • Include clearly written information on the entry criteria for the service
  • Explain the service users individual planning processes
  • Explain the fees schedule
  • Include information on exit procedures
  • Include information on re-entry criteria

If someone is refused access – they will be given information explaining the reasons.

Should a client choose to leave the services of A.P. Care Services, the organisation shall ensure the following:

  • All the leaving processes are fair and non-discriminatory.
  • Staff will do all they can to facilitate a smooth transition for the relocation of services.
  • Investigation of alternate options
  • Explore the consequences with the person exiting.
  • That A.P. Care Services reviews the reasons for the exit to ensure standards and expectations have been met in order to Continuously Improve.

Each participant is supported to understand under what circumstances supports can be withdrawn. Access to supports required by the participant will not be withdrawn or denied, solely on the basis of the dignity of risk choice that has been made by the participant.

A.P. Care Services reserves the right to withdraw, reduce or suspend any service provision following consultation with the person, their family, carer, guardian or advocate, if the program cannot meet the person’s needs or if the person places themselves, others and staff at risk and the risk cannot be reduced by the resources provided. The health, safety and welfare of all people within our service and the community is our priority.

Client: A person that receives a service and support from A.P. Care Services, including people with disabilities of all ages, people that are ageing and people exiting the Criminal Justice System.

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