private-self-funded-home-careFor people who are getting older or have psychological or physical disabilities, living a ‘normal’ life can be a pretty tough task. Whether its multiple visits per day that is required, someone to cook meals, or just someone to sit and chat to, A.P. Care Services are here to help. Here at A.P. Care Services we take our time to focus on private homecare services and in turn the specific needs of each individual to ensure that you get that actual help that you require, whether it is basic domestic help or something more complex. A.P. Care Services also offers help with case management, such as holistic care and helping with new medical regimes.

What Domestic Services are offered?

We all want to stay in our homes as long as possible, and A.P. Care Services can help you stay longer at home by assisting with some of the more challenging tasks such as washing and ironing, cooking (including menu planning and the freezing of portions), dusting and cleaning and even shopping if needed.

We also offer more domestic spring cleans in a private care environment, such as re-organising cupboards, cleaning skirting boards or cleaning windows on either a regular or one-off basis.


Personal Care Services

Our private carers offer personal care to help with the day-to-day things which can become difficult such as, assisting with showering, dressing & undressing, grooming or managing incontinence, also respite care to give carers a well-deserved break.


Social Support

We understand how lonely it can be for some people, especially for those who aren’t as mobile as others. We have a range of social support services ranging from home visits, through to organising social events and community outings


Out and About

We can help with getting out doing the grocery shopping, or we can do it for you if you prefer. We can also help getting to and attending social or medical appointments, so you need never feel isolated again.


Case Management

As private home care providers our Case Managers can help with assessments care planning, monitoring, goal setting and the implementing of new medical regimes. Our Case Managers can also assist with monitoring holistic care regimes to keep an eye on the general, overall health of our clients.


If you are a self-funded retiree and looking for quality, reliable private home care services, contact us now to discuss how we can help you live a better life.


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