Your Rights

All People have the right:

  • To receive quality care and support appropriate to their needs and goals
  • To full information about their own state of health
  • To be treated with dignity and respect, without discrimination or regards to disability, age, lifestyle, culture, gender or sexuality
  • To receive services in an environment free from discrimination, neglect, abuse, exploitation relating to financial, sexual, physical and emotional abuse
  • To personal privacy and freedom of speech (except where compelling ethical, moral or legal reasons eg child protection legislation)
  • To have access to, and participate in such services and activities as are generally available to all other people in the community. To take part in social activities and community life as they choose.
  • Each child with a disability has the same rights and freedoms as all other children and A.P. Care Services will take each child’s best interests into account when providing services
  • Parents have the right to make choices and be involved in decisions that impact on them in age-appropriate ways
  • To be involved in making decisions regarding the care and support that is most appropriate for their needs, goals and aspirations, taking into consideration lifestyle, culture, linguistic and religious preferences
  • To be given enough information in appropriate formats to make informed choices about their care and support
  • To choose a person to speak on their behalf for any purpose, to have access to an advocate
  • To have an interpreter when required
  • To make a complaint using the complaints process and/or code of conduct to resolve problems or disputes arising out of the care and support relationship, without fear of losing services or being disadvantaged in any other way
  • To have full access to their care and support record and to have these kept confidential by A.P. Care Services staff
  • To die with dignity
  • Refuse a service or support worker (and refusal should not prejudice their future access to services).

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