If you’re living in or around the Sydney or Wollongong area and looking for in home care, A.P. Care Services want to help you. We want you to understand what aged care and homecare looks and feels like. When your care provider shows up at your residence, we don’t want you to have any surprises.


Client Centered Care

Everybody’s care plan is different because every person is different. Home care in Sydney might look different for someone who needs care in Wollongong. Your needs are just that- yours. We respect that and tailor our care for your needs specifically.

Caregivers Show Up as Often as Needed

A.P.Care Services will show up to provide in home care as often as we need to (or you want us to). For some people this is as little as 1 hour per week or 3-4 hours a week. Others seeking aged care in the Sydney/Wollongong area may require more hours up to 24/7 care. The bottom line is this- we’re there, helping you live a better life.


A.P Care caregivers don’t just come in, do their job, and leave. They recognize boundaries, yet seek to engage on a social level as well. When someone needs home care services, often times, they don’t expect the caregiver to have conversation or be genial. A.P. Care feel that its important to be just that, our team pride themselves on being personable and treat every client in the same manner. We’re in your home, and we want to make your experience a good one every time we show up.


Some people seeking in home care just need a friend. We provide respite and companion care for people all over the Sydney and Wollongong region. If you or your loved one simply need someone to stop in, play a game of cards, and be a friend, A.P. Care professionals can do that.

Meals Made

If you need meals prepared, served, and the dishes done afterwards, A.P. Care can help. Sometimes people (for various reasons) can’t prepare their food, or maybe they just need a little help. Either way, if you need meals prepared, we’re available.

Around the House Chores

If you need assistance with light house cleaning, the mail picked up, or the dog walked, talk to us. We provide in home care services for residents people living in their own homes all over the Sydney area who just need some helping hands. Whatever the need is (non-medical only) we can help make things a little easier to help you live a better life.

Running Errands

Maybe you need someone to take you grocery shopping or to the pharmacy or to go for you if you are unable to go yourself. Maybe it’s just a ride to the park or the beach to meet with friends or enjoy a walk. If you need someone to run errands or help you around town, it’s part of what we do.

Keeping Your Best Interests

A.P. Care Services are here for you and your loved ones when you can’t be. We look out for you holistically. We always keep our eyes and ears open to watch out for red flags or issues that come up. If there is a risk or situation in or around the home that may be a safety or medical hazard, we’ll bring it to the attention of the appropriate family member immediately.

Lifestyle Management

If your situation is new or in home care is a temporary or permanent one, A.P. Care Services can help you or your loved one adjust. Life happens to everyone every day and sometimes it takes getting used to. Our in home caregivers are trained to help people adjust to circumstances that may require a little help or prodding (new diet, exercise, medical regiment, etc.)

Medication Management

Oftentimes, those who have a heavy or new medication load, can mismanage it. If you or your loved one in Sydney/Wollongong requires assistance managing medications, we’re trained to do so. We’ve helped many people take control of their medications and we make sure that safety is the highest priority. This is done through Webster Packs set up by your local Pharmacist

If you’re considering aged care services and you or your loved one lives in or around the Sydney area, please get in touch with us. We can be your eyes, ears, hands, and feet when you need us to be. We’re here to make your life easier. We’re trained professionals support and we’re able to help by giving you the peace of mind you need. So if you need us or just have questions, reach out to us today.


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